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Having worked with government agencies throughout the country, A.J. is a veteran in aiding cities and counties develop solutions to help...

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President of Calsense, a leading National Water and Irrigation Company, A.J. has devoted over a decade of his professional career to the...

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Oct 20, 2016

The change we need, the voice we deserve!

Thousands of people choose us!

A water district with a sitting member who has industry experience and yet is well versed in today's technology as it relates to water management, seems like what every water district, especially in California, should have!
Damon Adams
Damon AdamsIrrigation Manager at City of Sammamish
A.J. has a special passion for water conservation and has genuine concern for the water in the Vallecitos area.  He has been the president of our HOA for the last 6-years and is constantly looking for ways to save money and do what is best for the community.
Crystal Waterman
Crystal WatermanNeighbor
As a Board Member A.J. has been consistent in making sound decisions in the best interest of his association. His loyal and trustworthy approach will serve the residents of San Marcos well if elected to the Vallecitos Water District.
Kittie Smith
Kittie SmithWalters Management

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Oct 20, 2015


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